“The teacher was awesome, very knowledgeable, fun and informative. I will recommend Academie Ideal courses to anyone who’s looking to be an independent worker in the esthetic industry.”

“I had been wanting to start the Esthetician program for quiet sometime before I took the risk and started. It was the best decision so far. They use top quality products and teaching methods.”

“Taking the esthetician course provided by Academie Ideal professionals helped me understand how to perform treatments and skincare concerns. The class was very educational and detailed, I loved that the materials were provided to me. After completing the general cosmetology, laser, facial, body treatments courses, I was able to start working independently.”

“It is a great opportunity to start your career and learn all about esthetic treatments. The course is thorough and very organized. The teachers are kind and friendly. They truly made you feel as if you were a part of their team, they were always there to answer all the questions.”

“I have a wonderful experience with this Academy! Laser Hair Removal was a great program with amazing instructors and hands on trainings using various laser machine depending on clients needs.”

“I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking to become a medical aesthetician. They offer lots of hands on practice and they have a good communication! I enjoyed all the tools that were offered to become the best in my future career.”

“I had an enjoyable experience in this beauty school. I took many different modules like hair removal, nails, chemical peels, and general cosmetology. I enjoyed the hands-on experience and one-on-one classes with my instructors. It was very exciting to be able to work with clients while still learning. I am so excited to start my career as a professional aesthetician. “

“Académie Idéale was an amazing and unique beauty school with wonderful teachers who taught me a lot. I loved how much it was about hands-on and how much information the teachers put into each and every class. Even though it was a lot of practice, every day there was something new and surprising to learn. Thanks to this beauty school, my skills are superb now!”

“At Académie Idéale, I got to learn from amazing instructors and received a lot of hands on practice that prepared me to become the best in my career.”

“General Cosmetology module was a great way to start a new career! It gave me the basic knowledge of different types of skin, hair growth and anatomy that I needed in order to better understand by which process different treatments work.”

“I am extremely pleased with this beauty school! Already after my first day I felt that I was very well educated about hair growth. The class gets down to every detail and the instructors are very open to answering any questions. I highly recommend this course to anyone that is looking to educate themselves!”

“Great beauty school! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a way to start a beauty career. Académie Idéale has the best training. It gave me lots of hands on with clients which was a really good practice! Definitely coming back for other modules!”