This course furnishes the student with skills in the necessary manipulative techniques and theoretical background required to pass the Cosmetology exam.

Students will learn to do beauty treatments and an explanation will be given concerning the anatomy of beauty with and emphasis on hygiene, sanitation and customer evaluation.

It is mandatory that each student performs well, so that the continuing module is available to them when it’s time to register.

Students are expected to attend class regularly on time, and be prepared for class. These expectations are a large component of the program as it impossible to complete a module if attendance is poor and training incomplete. Is it responsibility of students to ensure that their work station remains clean, sanitized, and organized during the entire course.

Students are expected to be respectful while practicing skills. Use of foul language will be not tolerated, shouting or arguing.

The Cosmetology Clinic is training and learning environment, therefore students perform all related services with the guidance of teachers and instructors.

Please inform us if you have any cosmetic allergies or conditions that may alter your ability to complete a module.

*A student must be 18 years old to take the course and be licensed.

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