Our Classes

In Académie Idéale school, we emphasize on hands-on, personalized approach by providing unique one on one classes. We only focus on student-centered learning! Our school includes a balanced mix of academic skills, integrated subjects and high integration to medical aesthetic technology.

Our Beauty School is an all qualified beauty academy that provides training, lessons, classes and teaching sessions in following areas: General Cosmetology, Electrolysis, Wax Hair Removal, Facials (lifting techniques), IPL and Laser Treatments, Introduction to Injections, Chemical Peelings, Teeth whitening, Sclerotherapy, Manicure and pedicure, Microdermabrasion, Eyelash extension and permanent make-up Also private Hyaluronic Acid injections (using Juvéderm and Teosyal).

Students work personally (one on one) with our teachers. They are monitored by them while performing multiple treatments on the models that we provide, to be inquisitive, think critically and always grow professionally. Our teachers will help you to gain diverse knowledge for medical aesthetics, tackle complex problems and develop and to demonstrate professional skills.

We offer modules like: -General Cosmetology, Electrolysis, Hair Removal, IPL and Laser Treatments, Chemical Peeling, Microdermabrasion, injections etc.

With Académie Idéale model, students develop real-world abilities, professional skills and learn – how to learn.

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