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MEDICAL FOOT CARE Intense 2-days Course (10h total)

price $1500 (Taxes not included)



This 2 day intense MEDICAL FOOT CARE provides basic through advanced theoretical and supervised practical instruction in non-invasive foot care. This certificate program is designed for individuals new to foot care. Knowledge is obtained in the course to facilitate the health care provider who may be contemplating independent practice in this field. Our curriculum is current with the Best Practice Guidelines and Evidence-Based Practice.


A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of a theoretical and practical exam. In class clinical practice will be on each other, so please DO NOT cut your toenails for up to 4 weeks prior to the start of class.


You will require a 75% as a combination of your quizzes and Practical exam for successful completion of the Advanced Foot Care program. Your Clinical exam will be evaluated as satisfactory or unsatisfactory.


Prerequisite: Prior to health care professionals or candidates with beauty care experience. However, other candidates are also welcome to enroll in the program for personal growth and knowledge of the foot care program. | (514) 898-3441

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Noor Ali Ismaily (Diabetes Educator, Foot Nurse, Orthotics Specialist)



2 Full Day course- 10h in total



Académie Ideal Beauty School, 5500 Sherbrooke Est, Montreal, Québec, H1N 5L5




1. Lectures (Course provided in English)

2. Comprehensive Learning Through Pictures

3. Hands-On Experience

4. Group Discussion


▪ Introduction to Footcare

▪ Foot Anatomy & Physiology

▪ Anatomy of Nail

▪ Structural Foot Deformities

▪ Soft Tissue Pathologies

▪ Corn and Callous care (Bring an Orange to class)

▪ Nail Pathologies

▪ Quiz #1 10% (Multiple Choice)


▪ High-Risk Foot Care

▪ Chronic Insufficiency of Arteries and Veins

▪ Occupational Health & Safety

▪ Care of Instruments

▪ Client Teaching (Scope of Practice Of Footcare)

▪ Practical Application of Footcare

▪ Quiz #2 10% (Multiple Choice)

▪ Clinical Practice 80%



Upon completion of this course the health care provider will be able to:

1. Observe and assess the client in regards to general history and status of the feet.

2. Identify and describe soft tissue pathology, nail pathology, high-risk factors, bone structure changes.

3. Identify foot health problems requiring referrals.

4. Collect and document data related to foot care.

5. Perform foot care skills pertaining to cutting and filling nails including thick, fungal nails, corn, callous reduction.

6. Contribute to patient education regarding foot health and footwear.

7. Discuss measures to promote occupational health and safety.

8. Describe and perform appropriate methods of sterilization of equipment.



$1500 (Taxes not included) ▪ Course manuals included

▪ Instruments for practicum provided

▪ Lab fees included



By appointment only.

To reserve your place, please call the Academie Ideal Beauty School at

(514) 998-0998. Indicate that you have a valid nursing licence and proof of nursing diploma or certificate before start date.